Investment Opportunities

Angel Investments

With a repute of investing in profitable ventures, and exiting from the venture after a period of time and after they are successful, Angel Investments, the investment wing of Aurum Ventures, is adding true value to the business.

At Angel Investments we undertake the project through detailed analysis & planning, obtaining current value and the future potential and a precise period to exit from the chosen business or venture.

Some of our investment projects include:

  • Taggcybertech(exited):

    Aurum Angel has invested in Taggcybertech after realising the potential in their micro blogging business.

  • X-seed:

    Aurum invested in X-seed on realising its potential in improving the quality of teaching and learning in schools and the impact it would have on the Education sector.

  • Brand Idea:

    Aurum invested in it on identifying the unique platform that Brand Idea provided as a service to Data Mining sector.

  • DEXL:

    Aurum invested in DEXL, realising the growth potential in the sector of Education and expertise of DEXL team to cater to this sector.

  • Serial Innovation (exited):

    Aurum invested in Serial Innovation on recognizing their expertise to build sophisticated imaging platforms at extremely competitive prices.

  • Karmic Lifesciences(exited):

    Aurum invested in Karmic after recognising its expertise and successful track record in the field of Clinical Trials, Clinical Data Management and Bio-Statistics.



Portfolio Investments - Renewable Energy

Aurum Renewable Energy Pvt. Ltd. (AREPL)

Aurum Renewable Energy Pvt. Ltd. (AREPL) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Aurum Ventures that focuses on Renewable Energy.

It is currently developing a 20 Million Watt green field Concentrated Solar Power grid connected project at Porbandar in the vibrant and upcoming state of Gujarat, India.

Key features of project

  • The Project is won through competitive reverse bidding under Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission (JNNSM) promoted by Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE), Govt. of India.
  • The PPA has the best payment security mechanism including Letter of Credit, lien on NVVN account backed by Gross Budgetary Support from Govt. of India.
  • Project site has one of best solar resource in India.
  • The cost of project is INR.325 Crores.
  • The power plant will be connected to 66 KV grid substations.
  • Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) is signed with NTPC Vidyut Vyapar Nigam (NVVN), a wholly owned subsidiary of State owned National Thermal Power Corporation, for 25 years at fixed tariff of INR.12.19.
  • State Bank of India has appraised and sanctioned the facility at Porbandar, Gujarat on a non-recourse basis.
  • All permissions are in place.
  • 170 acres of land is acquired for the project.



Portfolio Investments - Automotive Component

Argentum Motors 

Argentum Motors is a wholly owned subsidy of Aurum Ventures that focuses on Automotive Components. It is a SPV which acquired the assets and facilities of Daewoo Motors in 2007 for USD 200 million.

Set up on 204 acres of sprawling land in the upcoming Greater Noida area of the National Capital Region, it is a state-of-the-art end to end car manufacturing plant that occupies over 100 acres.

Argentum Engineering Pvt. Ltd.

Argentum Engineering is an advanced Automotive Engineering Services company. Aurum Ventures has successfully exited the substantial part of its holdings.

It now only holds a residual equity as a passive investor. Some of the services offered by Argentum Engineering are:

  • Computer Aided Design (CAD)
  • Product Design and Testing
  • Digital Manufacturing Simulation
  • Highly qualified professionals with proven track records.
  • Computer Aided Engineering  
  • Product Lifecycle Management  
  • Solutions across Automotive, Aerospace, Marine, Civil, Steel sectors.
  • Efficient and cost effective delivery team.