Brazil - A land of infinite opportunities

Brazil, over the past three decades has been a frontier for industrial development in South America.

Companies, all over the globe are looking to set their foot on Brazil and be a part of the rapidly advancing country.


Aurum continues to invest in Brazil for the following reasons.

Established Governance Structure

Brazil has established a stable democratic framework of governance with well defined roles of the executive, legislative and the judicial branch.

Equal opportunity

Over the past three decades the country has promoted political equity and several coalitions have come to power since 1980.

Multi-Party System

With a democratic and multilateral polity the country has provided a dynamic leadership which has helped it become one of the most prominent countries of growth around the world.

Robust Growth

Brazil is counted as one of the top 5 emerging national economies of the world on account of its robust economic growth.

Favorable Investment Policies

The policies introduced over the past decade have helped Brazil improve its position on the World Bank Ease of Doing Business indicator.

Strategic advantage

Brazil plays a leading part in South America’s development and has a great strategic value particularly in power generation.