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Aurum is exploring coal in Mozambique's popular coal province Tete. The license lies in Zambezi coal basin and the geology within license area is characterised with the presence of Karoo Super Group lithologies. The prospecting license was procured after intensive diligence on geology, mining potential, infrastructure and legal requirements.

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Aurum has concluded its first phase of ground studies which included Reconnaissance Survey and Geo-mapping. Presently, the team is planning for the next dry season.


Our Prospecting License in Mozambique

Tete, Mozambique

  • Based on extensive desktop studies and reconnaissance survey, the estimated coal resources in the license are 250 – 280 MT.
  • The license is connected to Moatize rail station by tarred road up to Changara village and then by broad gravel road to Chipembere and Chioco villages via Birira settlement.
  • The area of prospecting license is located at Changara District, Tete Province, North western Mozambique. The license area presents 14,400 hectares, which correspond to 720 cadastral units.
  • The geology of the area is characterized by the occurrence of Quaternary cover, being colluvium in the northern and southern portions of the license area and fluvial terraces with gravel and sand in the south western part of the license.
  • The Mevúzi river limits the area in its northern portion and the Cangudeze river limits the area in its south western part. The Karoo Supergroup is represented by the Upper Karoo Group with rhyolites and basalts on the top and the sedimentary sequence at the base. Rhyolites, tuffs and ignimbrites of the Rhyolite member of the Bangomateta formation form a strip elongated NW-SE spread all over the area of the license. In a smaller scale, amygdaloidal basalts and subordinate rhyolites occur. They belong to the Basalt member of the Rio Mazoe formation of the Upper Karoo Group. Both basalts and rhyolites present Jurassic age.
  • At the base of the whole lithostratigraphic sequence of the study area, Karoo sediments occur. Karoo sediments belong to the Matinde (Marl-Sandstone) formation, of Permian age, and are constituted by marls, mudstones, sandstones and coal seams.
  • The main tectonic expressions in the area consists of a fault system oriented NE-SW which could represent a rifting phenomenon.

Prospecting License in Tete Province