Social Responsibilities


Aurum strives to achieve a sustained development in people, processes and platform. We internalise sustainability in our strategy and business decisions by encompassing a sustained integration, engagement and development in the following areas:

In people
Local community engagement, knowledge and skill transfer, employment generation.

In processes
Integrating local regulatory structures, acclimatising to local culture, socio-political framework, cash disciplines, inventories and project management.

In platform
Technical superiority, best in class practice for sustainable exploration and monitoring.



Our Commitment

Aurum views responsible business practices as a company-wide commitment that is at the heart of all decisions. The company is committed to being a responsible warden of the environment, to respecting communities within which it works, and to maintaining industry best practice for health and safety standards. Our facilities will be designed and operated in accordance with the highest applicable international health, safety and environmental standards and we seek partnerships based on open, transparent communication, with the aim of being responsible, respected and welcomed, everywhere we do business.

Each and every employee, endeavors to conduct business to ensure lasting social progress and economic growth for all stakeholders throughout the existence and beyond. Our projects use best practices for sustainability and also adhere to the local environmental regulatory framework. Aurum also incorporates sustainability, local empowerment and health and safety in its goods and services procurement.

The Company has a policy of zero tolerance towards unprofessional, unethical and illegal activities indulged in by any of its members, officers and all persons it employs or engages with.




Community engagement and environmental stewardship are important cornerstones of this commitment, along with a duty to promote a safe and healthy working environment for everyone involved.

Aurum also has a responsibility to advance its projects to benefit all stakeholders by generating local employment opportunities, knowledge and skill transfer and financial benefits through our projects.



Aurum Foundation

Aurum Foundation is the Philanthropic arm of Aurum Ventures started with a humble beginning in 2008. Earlier, the founder trustees have been contributing towards child welfare. However the foundation has provided focus to the initiative. Aurum Ventures as a responsible corporate has pledged substantial amounts of funds and resources towards the welfare programmes it envisages to conduct. At Aurum Foundation we promote all round development and empowerment of communities.

The focus of Aurum Foundation is primarily child welfare namely education, health care and vocational training which will have a positive impact on our country’s readiness for a bright and promising future.The philosophy of the foundation is to mainly fund activities having mass impact sustained over a period of time.


Recent Initiatives

Aurum Foundation contributed to the “Saraswati Sadhan Kendra” a functional Resource Centre equipped with a permanent display of teaching-learning materials operated by the “Quality Education Support Trust (QUEST: www.quest.org.in). QUEST has been partially funded by the Navajbai Ratan Tata Trust for their ongoing projects. We have also constructed a shed for Experimental Residential School “Prayogbhumi” run by “Shramik Sahayog” for the children from backward communities.

This educational Centre is situated in very remote area of Sahyadri valley. Presently there are 40 students (boys and girls) involved in the centre. All the residential and educational facilities are provided by centre to the students of free basis.


Some of the past initiatives have been:

  • Food sponsorships at Institution for blind children.
  • Sponsorship for medical care and surgeries for underprivileged children.
  • Sponsorships to schools imparting primary education to underprivileged children.