Backed by unprecedented discoveries of natural gas and coking coal, investments are pouring into this country known for its pristine beaches and cultural hotspots. The Republic of Mozambique is poised to join the league of world’s fastest growing economies offering countless investment opportunities.


Aurum has invested in Mozambique for the following reasons

Stable Democratic Government

Stable political regime and regulatory framework, free and vibrant press.

Strong Economic Growth

Average GDP growth of 7.93% in 2001 to 2014(7.8%). FDI inflows grew at a 19% CAGR from 2005 to 2014.

Favourable Government Policies

Custom duty exemption for mining and exploration projects. Low production tax on coal mining. Transparent Licensing process.

Transparent and Established Mining Act

Mining Law 2002, Mining Regulation 2006 incorporated with a balanced focus on local empowerment and foreign participation.

Strategic Location

Mozambique’s strategic location makes it an attractive export hub to Asia, Europe, South and Central America.

Favourable Coal Geology

The coal in Mozambique's Tete province has been known since mid 19th century. The majority of these resources are located within remnants of the Ecca Group of rocks (Karoo Supergroup) in the Zambezi graben of the Tete province of Mozambique. The coalfield consists of various sub-basins.

Amongst others, it forms host to the well-publicised Zambeze metallurgical and thermal coal basin which is estimated to contain 23.3 billion tonnes of resources, making it the world’s largest unexplored coal basin.