Aurum has been investing and actively managing their investments since 1996
The Aurum journey of investment management can be inferred from the following phases:

Phase I

Entrepreneurship with symbolic Capital


Phase II

Entrepreneurship compounded with Capital


Phase III

Capital compounded with Team & Entrepreneurship

2016 onwards

Our Past Investments

As a Special Situations value investor, we have invested in Telecom, Aviation, Renewable Energy and Junior Mining in the past. Aurum specializes in investing in businesses that face the need for a structured and significant change.
When it comes to valuations and possible value additions, we always display an out-of-the-box thinking and approach.






Renewable Energy


Junior Mining

Investment Management Approach

Real Estate in India is in the midst of a transformation due to the sincere and proactive intent of the Central and State governments. This is resulting to the increasing market share of the organized players. Our Aurum team of investment experts constantly lookout for untapped value in special situation Real Estate development and PropTech products.

We have a focused approach to explore bold opportunities to which we can bring financial discipline and achieve the best possible returns through successful and quick turnarounds. We believe that efficient capital with an empowered management team is the ingredient for compounded value creation.

We facilitate capital led resolutions in real estate businesses providing debt and equity. We fix the capital structure of the projects by comprehensive financing solutions and pricing risk, complete the project construction, lend our brand name and eventually monetize the project through tech-led marketing and sales.


Capital Led Resolution in Real Estate  

Our real estate debt and equity business provides creative and comprehensive financing solutions across the capital structure and risk spectrum. Special Situation Real Estate and PropTech companies are also the focus of the investment management team.

Our in-house capabilities to design and develop, to sell and lease, to manage corporate and individual customer relations and to manage properties, enables the investment team to drive higher returns than industry benchmarks.

Capital Led Resolution in PropTech    

To enhance efficiency and experience in the Real Estate sector, it has been our core strategy since 2020 to bring digital transformation in the real estate sector. Aurum PropTech, a subsidiary of Aurum Ventures is creating a tech-led PropTech Ecosystem covering Customer Digital Journey, Property and Asset Management, Development, Investment and Financing of Assets.
Since 2021, through our listed company Aurum PropTech, we have been continuously committing capital and have acquired 7 PropTech startups either through 100% acquisitions or through majority stake purchases.