How corporate India is stepping up in its fight against COVID-19

19 July 2021

Speaking on the occasion of Monsoon Session, 2021, Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, underlined the importance of vaccination against Covid-19 by dubbing vaccinated people in India as ‘Baahubali’ and highlighted that 40 crore people in India have taken at least one dose of Covid-19 vaccine. Vaccines approved by the regulatory authorities provide a high degree of protection against serious illness or death due to Covid-19 infection. World Health Organisation strongly recommends everyone to “take whatever vaccine is made available to you first, even if you have already had COVID-19. It is important to be vaccinated as soon as possible once it’s your turn and not wait.”


Globally, 3.66 billion doses have been administered and 29.89 million doses are being administered each day. India, has also ramped up its vaccine production and administration and has now administered 40.5 crore doses across the country. Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra are leading with 4.09 crore doses and 3.98 crore doses respectively. However, we still have a long distance to travel as only 8.3 crore people i.e. 6.1% of the population is vaccinated.


As experts warn of the impending third wave, the race to vaccinate the population and avoid a catastrophic devastation is on across the country.

Corporate India, has taken this fight head on and is tackling the crisis shoulder to shoulder along with the central and state governments. Across the country, private sector has tied up with hospitals and is conducting vaccination drives to get its workforce vaccinated. Some are going out of the way by getting the families of the employees also covered in the vaccination drives. Many corporates are conducting these drives free of charge and are also incentivizing their employees to get vaccinated.


Joining the nation’s fight against the virus, Aurum Ventures successfully vaccinated 600+ people including employees, their families, corporate relationships, individuals from Maharashtra Police and their families, Fire fighters and their family members and officials of Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation. Aurum Foundation’s vaccination drive is getting accolades from all across the board and people are praising the efficiency of these drives. It takes not more than 30 min for an individual to get vaccinated, including the registration, vaccination and observation period. The vaccination drives are being conducted at Aurum Q Parć , Thane Belapur Road, Navi Mumbai. Aurum will continue its vaccination drive for the next couple of months and urges everyone to get vaccinated at the earliest. We stand together with you in this fight against Covid-19. As Shri Narendra Modi ji said, let us get the vaccines on our ‘Baahus’(arms) and become ‘Baahubali’