Learning is a life-long process and I truly believe that upskilling gives you immense power to lead with confidence.

1 May 2021

Learning is a life-long process and I truly believe that upskilling gives you immense power to lead with confidence. Upskilling is to provide additional skills by way of education and training that can help individuals excel at their work and in most cases, climb the ranks and take up more responsibility. On Labour Day and Maharashtra Day today, I would like to share my views on why upskilling is important in the real estate sector too. Many companies have made learning and development an important part of their policies as it is believed that updating your skillset in the fast-paced environment makes one grow. That is also why upskilling of organised and unorganised labour in the real estate sector is now of the essence. Upskilling in Real Estate The real estate sector in India is expected to grow exponentially by 2025 employing millions of Indians for both skilled and unskilled labour. With the changing times and technological advancements coupled with rapid urbanisation and rising workplace expectations, it is imperative for employees to keep themselves updated by upskilling. From the way I look it at, it is the only way one can drive real, sustainable value to the entire ecosystem. The need for a skilled workforce is a constant for various domains in the field such as projects and development services, facilities management, on-site construction roles and more. Skill upgradation provides superior knowledge and know-how of technology and tools which is important to achieve maximum productivity and efficiency. Importance of upskilling A great way to initiate this is through partnering with government or private institutes/agencies that take up skill training and offer quick solutions. Many corporates have also resorted to hiring learning and development teams that focus on getting their employees upskilled through various programmes. This is an excellent way to motivate employees and can truly help transform and train them to perform better. Plus, it also makes the employees feel like they are taking back something worthwhile from their workplace and additionally opens up wider opportunities for them. For unskilled or blue-collar workers such as construction labours, it is imperative to provide the right guidance that'll enable them to work in a safe and secure manner as their role involves many life-threatening risks. A formalised training programme before the actual work begins can be extremely useful for labour skill development. The right methodologies shared to perform their duties can also bring in optimum levels of efficiency in terms of time, quality and safety that can go a long way. The Government of India's Ministry of labour and employment also has a national policy on skill development that states the importance of skill development for economic growth and social development, especially for the labour force. https://labour.gov.in/policies/national-policy-skill-development What we are doing At Aurum Ventures too, we constantly work on programmes that enable our team members to undergo specific trainings to enhance their skill set. We would want our construction workers, engineers, designers and other team members to understand the work they do and feel empowered by the skill set they have acquired which gives them a sense of purpose and dignity. The Idea is to get each one of us to harness our full potential and provide better opportunities in the future. Happy Labour Day & Happy Maharashtra Day <br.

At Aurum we truely believe that the secret to Growth is in helping others grow.