Reflection of Youth (International Youth Day)

12 August 2021

"You have the power to change the world", that's the clique many of you have heard before. World over, International Youth Day was celebrated today, with a special theme around Innovation. Youth Day is aimed at giving voice to the initiatives and actions of youth across the globe. History tells us, that it is the youth that lead development, change, invention and revolution, prosperity and evolution. The society, institution, office and the organisation, the state and the country can benefit only by tapping in the energies of youth. At Aurum Ventures we celebrate it every hour, every day, every week. In a 200 people team, the median age at Aurum is 28 years but that hasn't stopped them from achieving the humongous. The single biggest trait of Aurum youngsters is their drive to innovate. The United Nations designed International Youth Day in 1999 to allow Youth to innovate and create. India, the grounds rising above imperial powers to embody the ideas of innovation from our ancestors. At Aurum Ventures, "Innovation" is a constant endeavour aimed has been the only constant day in and day out for the last two decades. We always find opportunities to innovate from the smallest to the largest. In fact, we have gone a step ahead and have formalised the process to tap into Innovation from Youth through our initiative 'Aurum Network Intelligence'. Every fortnight, same age groups meet at Aurum and come with one unique initiative each. They are empowered to implement and execute that initiative. 'ANI' is in its second year now and it doesn't stop churning unique ideas every single time. Aurum Ventures will continue to believe and empower the Youth and tap into their Innovation Day in and day out.
At Aurum we truely believe that the secret to Growth is in helping others grow.