The Olympian spirit of an Entrepreneur

10 August 2021

As India and the world took a bow to the winners of the Tokyo Olympics, 2020 one can only look with admiration and awe at the spirit of all sportsmen and sportswomen.


A study done by the University of South Carolina at Greensboro revealed 12 core psychological characteristics of Olympians. The study was done on an impressive bunch of Olympic winners who had won 32 medals between them and represented an array of sports including skiing, wrestling, swimming, ice hockey, speed skating, and track and field.


After reading it, I could not help but draw parallels between an Entrepreneur and an Olympian.


It is these traits that set them on a path of high growth and success. Cheers to all the Olympians and Entrepreneurs!

Argentum was set up by B.V.R. Subbu, former president of Hyundai Motors India, Ajay Singh, promoter of SpiceJet, and broadband entrepreneur Ashish Deora.